It was born a new section – Programming Languages

It created a new section dedicated to programming languages. These were completed both in the university and at work.

How it is organized:

  • software used
  • short theory on topics
  • examples

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Wearable devices for Microsoft

According to some rumors Microsoft would be interesting to the field of wearable devices. According to TechCrunch the house of Windows, is reportedly negotiating for patents, mostly related to wearable devices, the Osterhout Design Group at a price of about $ 200 million. However TechCrunch warns that his anonymous source says that the two companies are still negotiating the deal.


Microsoft has come a bit ‘late, and missed the wave of initial spread, while the indossobili device industry is just beginning. An example are the Google Glass, which are still under development, but also the smartwatch that are just arriving in stores. The only question is on the effectiveness of these devices, but of this there is much to discuss, and what might be interesting for people.


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Potting – Technical dosing

Hello, hello, hello to all the community,
in this section I would like to share, to understand a little more, experience of any kind to those who have worked on CNC machines dispensing bi-component resin.


My first question is:
there exists the possibility of dosing within quite small areas (for example: also 2mm x 2mm) or dosed in race areas so small?

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Pioneer NavGate – Augmented Reality

Pioneer Europe has unveiled AVIC head-up display (HUD), a system of augmented reality (AR) that projects on the windscreen of the vehicle information of all kinds, from navigation to traffic.
This trend is much more compact of the first Cyber ​​Navi, presented at CEATEC 2010.

NavGate is based on a small unit of DLP to be installed on the sun visor, able to communicate with your smartphone. The feeling is of being in front of a 30-inch screen at a distance of 3 meters, at least that’s how it supports Pioneer.

Pioneer-Realtà Aumentata_1

What is most important is that augmented reality is not annoying while driving, and any other information remains peripheral to the road. Our Navgate HUD has been designed with both of these ideas in mind, to ensure motorists to drive according to directions without losing concentration and minimizing distractions, “said Geert Verhoeven, Car Product Planning Manager, Pioneer Europe.

In addition:

show the clock, the speed reached and bounds, alert signals, distance to the next destination and estimated time of arrival. To reduce fuel consumption has a sensor that adjusts the brightness in relation to environmental conditions. The battery charges via USB port. In practice it is a perfect accessory to match the satellite navigation applications.

is compatible with CoPilot and iGO primo app, which you can install on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Other Into & Availability:
This is an aftermarket product that can be easily removed whenever you want to prevent theft.

The list price is 599.99 pounds, then the exchange rate around 710 Euros, or 930 dollars. Availability is set for October.

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Studies of molecular engineering are progressing more and more through the ausilo better technologies and innovative. It will soon be possible to print human tissues and organs which may be established. 3D printers participating in this research taking charge of automation of the procedure.
Is not that great?

New techniques to form blood vessels, tissues, organs, etc.. artificially controlled and are studied at major universities in the biomedical world.

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Cellphone do-it-yourself (built with Arduino)


For a little over a year, I’ve been working on an open-source, DIY cellphone as part of my PhD research at the MIT Media Lab. The current version of the phone is based on the Arduino GSM shield and Arduino GSM library. It sports a deliberately low-resolution screen (8 characters, each a 5×7 matrix of LEDs), a laser-cut wooden enclosure, flexure (living hinge) buttons, and a ~1000-line Arduino program that powers the user interface.

The phone can make and receive phone calls and text messages, includes a phone book and caller id, and keeps the time. Everything you’d expect from a 20-year old Nokia! (Except snake.) I’ve been using various iterations of the project as my primary cellphone for the past six months or so.

The phone is open-source and the design files are available on GitHub (hardware, software). Assembly instructions are on website, although I wouldn’t recommend making your own unless you have experience with soldering surface mount components.



for more information click here below:

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LabView 2013


Greater stability, new templates and sample projects.
LabVIEW 2013 allows you to develop successful applications in every type of industry.

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To find out more, visit the National Instruments website below:

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The Trendy History Of – Rockwell Automation Platform

The Trendy History Of – Rockwell Automation Platform

Rockwell automation is basically known as an international provider of information, control and power solutions. They have certain branrds that clients love using. This can be found in the likes of Rockwell software, Allen-Bradley just to mention a few. This platform has its headquarter in Milwaukee, Wiscousin and happens to be one of the largest firms hiring over 21,000 workers in more than 80 nations. – Rockwell automation is counted as a Fortune 500 company and rated 411 on the book of record. The named platform was initiated in 1903 and called compression rheostat company. Though, the initiators started with an investment of 1000 dollars, but have realized a greater profit with this establishment. Following the trend of operation, Rockwell automation platform was renamed as Allen-Bradley company. The company went forward in 1952 to open a branch in Canada and presently hiring above 1000 workers as required. In 1985, the company changed hands by purchasing the investment from Allen-Bradley to the known Rockwell automation company. Read More…

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The Comprehensive Details Of – Journal Of Mechanincs Engineering And Automation

The Comprehensive Details Of – Journal Of Mechanincs Engineering And Automation

One of the main functions that – journal of mechanics engineering and automation parade is by publishing high quality papers. In most cases, it is simply done through critical reviews. This platform is intended to become a quality global journal in the niche of automation and mechanics. This journal parade features in the likes of numerical, experimental and theoretical contents involving all aspects of the niche. Read More…

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Design and Development Across a Broad Supply Chain

Design and Development Across a Broad Supply Chain

Industrial engineers work with mechanical engineers at all stages of a product’s design. While mechanical engineers focus on the physical aspects such as the initial design, industrial engineers alter the design to make it easier to manufacture, less prone to failure and prevent design problems when subassemblies are put in a top level unit. What design practices and actions will minimize the risk of design problems when design and development occurs simultaneously across the supply chain? Read More…

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